Hail, Caesar!, London Has Fallen and How To Be Single

Hail, Caesar!


On the scale of Coen Bros movies, from the utterly intolerable Burn After Reading to stunningly esoteric True Grit, this falls somewhere in between. So that makes it equal parts utterly esoteric and stunningly intolerable. Based on the structure of the film the pace is meant to be quick and punchy, but with the widely spread disparate elements, the first two acts pass by at a snails pace. While there were story elements that could raise a chuckle and the subtly sublime score and soundtrack is very effective, neither of these elements can save the film’s dull unengaging pace, mild lack of intrigue, and cloying cinematography. Sorry Roger Deakins, I previously thought Sicario was your least stunning work, now Hail, Caesar! takes that honour. PROBABLY DON’T SEE, the Coen Brothers have put together just another movie with a grand ensemble cast, but it is nowhere close to be a prestige picture.


London Has Fallen


Originality in action movies is dead, but when such brazen joy is taken in the filmmaking of the action, that can’t help but spill over into my reception of the film. While there’s no equivalent to the best line of 2013, “Let’s play a game of ‘Fuck Off!’ You go first!”, London Has Fallen does try to keep the balance between humour, cheap emotion, serious action and nail-biting tension, which is nowhere near the perfection of the early Die Hards… ONLY SEE if you really enjoyed Olympus Has Fallen, otherwise there’s little to nothing there that’s worth seeking out this film.


How to be Single


It is difficult to criticise a film with such great central performances and a joyously self-affirming message. The wide range of characters will undoubtedly allow anyone to find something relatable in any of them. Soundtrack and direction are handled brilliantly, no massive complaints other than I could never laugh out loud with the audience I was with, as my laugh would be incredibly noticeable. PROBABLY SEE if you are looking for mildly atypical and diverse Romantic Comedy. For its genre, this film is one of the better examples.


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