Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Zootropolis

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice


While I definitely like this film, it is obviously flawed, but there is enough in this film to get the sheer enjoyment necessary for it to not be a total waste of time. The key problem with this film is in its editing from scene to scene, which completely stunts any flow that the film should have. This is particularly problematic during the first act when all the disparate plot threads are being set up and which ultimately barely come together.

Many have also expressed problems with the quality of the dialogue, which I don’t feel are entirely there, but definitely character motivations are often either confused, very poorly explained, or simply out of character, even based upon what had been established in either this film or Man of Steel. I personally do not have any specific problems with the dialogue as I was engaged by the commitment that the cast at least seemed to have, even Henry Cavill and Jesse Eisenberg, despite the potential to read their performances as flat or grotesquely misjudged, they are undoubtedly giving their all to their role and that makes the film all the more enjoyable, when they have any brief moment to shine. Also, it is almost indisputable that Ben Affleck, Jeremy Irons and Gal Gadot come out of this film the best, as they all perfectly capture and produce almost quintessential versions of their respective characters, but again that only comes across in a few moments dotted throughout the film.

In regards to the music, I am a huge fan of the simplest version of Man of Steel theme / motif, and so was very glad that it was often used throughout this film. The Wonder Woman electric riff, always gets my heart pumping and brings a grin to my face, however the overloud Choral chant that serves as the film’s main theme and also supposedly Batman’s theme is not to my taste at all, that almost certainly shows my bias towards Hans Zimmer over Tom Holkenborg, but I do not know the extent of their collaboration on this score. Whatever the situation, my view of it entirely reflects my opinion of the film as whole.

Batman V Superman is a film filled with great moments, but just failed to find a comfortable way to link those great moments together, and so what we’re left with, is a disjointed mess of stuff that almost successfully entertains and advertises the upcoming slate of DC Movies coming in the next few years. MAYBE SEE if you enjoyed Man of Steel, and can ignore the more pointless moments and focus on those that actually have a useful bearing on the plot of this film, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the inevitable Justice League franchise.

Zootopia [UK Title: Zootropolis]

ZOOTROPOLIS - Payoff Key Art.jpg

Zootopia is good, nothing more and nothing less. Its morals, while incredibly direct and pointed, are welcome, interesting, and presented with such an enjoyable and unique style. As is to be expected as the standard from Disney Animation, both the visuals and the Voice performances are perfectly crafted for this kind of film. All of Zootropolis‘ interesting little details such as the sheep / deer / antelope characters extended their “aaaa” sounds, and having specific doors for different sized creatures, i.e. The large animals leave through the elephant sized door, but the hamsters can use the door built for their size.

It’s those little details that keep this delightful animation from quickly becoming stale, as every story beat is incredibly predictable if you have ever seen a fresh to the police force story or Buddy Cop movie. But even with those blindingly obvious story beats playing out exactly as you would expect, Zootopia keeps its audience involved thanks to the quick wit and joyous character interplay of Bunny Officer Judy Hopps and Cunning Fox Nick Wilde, which is of course nothing without the solid performances of Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman respectively.

Also while Michael Giacchino’s score and the Best Original Song obligatory Long-list entrant, “Try Everything” from Shakira, are fine and suit the movie incredibly well, they do not hold up in the same way as Giacchino’s scores for Inside Out or The Incredibles do. Very little of the music feels unique and too reliant on the tropes of the genres that the film itself is referencing, which is almost certainly intentional and crucial as to why it works, in the context of the film.

ONLY SEE if you know you will enjoy a light-hearted, moral-heavy, cliché driven romp through the richly detailed (I had to include this word on principle) anthropomorphic animal world of Zootropolis.

Sidenote: The original title of this film was Zootopia, however for trademark reasons, the International / European / UK title is Zootropolis, so I probably used each title interchangeably, apologies for any confusion. Please send all complaints to The Walt Disney Corporation and The Givskud Zoo, Denmark.


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