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Captain America: Civil War


I can hardly believe that roughly 18 months have passed since Marvel’s announcement of the Phase 3 slate, of which this was one of the most hotly anticipated. Following on from the notorious Comic Book Event “Civil War”, and having to open the Third Phase of the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America: Civil War, has exceedingly high expectations to live up to. Thankfully it does not disappoint.

The Russo Brothers have managed to do justice to both the Comic and the Cinematic Universe, every character has their own moment to shine and considering that; there’s 3 lead heroes, in Captain America, Iron Man, and I would say the newly introduced Black Panther; the other 9 heroes, one of which is new to the MCU; a villain who needs his own “Magneto was Right” style T-shirt; and a few other crucial ancillary characters. If that list makes it sound as if the film is overstuffed and overlong, that is justified because it is. But despite being 147 Minutes, it’s smooth flow and driving pace it never feels its length.

In regards to how faithful the film is to the comic, it very rarely follows the story directly but does take enough inspiration from the story and builds from what has been established in the previous Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Also, if we’re honest it isn’t much of a Civil War, more of a really nasty argument between a few friends, and yet if you’re wholeheartedly invested in the lives of those friends, the film will be one of the more enjoyable MCU entries.

This enjoyment does often come from the sheet level of humour present in the film. From the quipping of Spider-Man and Tony Stark, to the fearful joy of Ant-Man, to the friendly rivalries between Falcon and Winter Soldier or Hawkeye and Black Widow, the humour perfectly matches the seriousness of the film’s premise.

Obviously this is a DEFINITELY SEE from me, however in reality it is an ONLY SEE if you have been thoroughly invested in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far, or at least since the previous Captain America film, as despite this films best efforts to keep reacquainting the audience with prior events, new audience members may soon become lost.

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